I created this blog around four years ago. I’ve never posted to it till now but my initial comment in my profile, disappointment about what has happened to British society in the more than a decade of absence, sadly remains as true now as it was in 2004. Basically I catch up on politics through three tv programmes, all on BBC1: This Week, which would be much improved by eliminating the childishness – journalists dressed up as maids or milkmen – and the often (usually) excrutiating, embarassing links (I really watch it for Michael Portillo who often provides a fascinating insight into how politics works and insightful comment on recent political happenings); the Andrew Marr Show, despite Andrew Marr (ugh!), to remind myself just how disastrous it would be to have a Government with the likes of Balls, Milliband and Harman in it; and Sunday Politics, which would be much improved by cutting the time Andrew Neil is on the screen and doubling the time the three young  journalists – Isabel, Janen and Rowenna – have to comment on current events. I often don’t agree with them but they are intelligent and knowledgeable.

I didn’t vote for any party or person in the most recent general election; I voted against so called ‘new labour’ by voting for the candidate most likely to get them out. It worked. The result overall was I think the best I could have hoped for in our very flawed so-called democracy – a Conservative majority government party held in check by an otherwise ineffective bunch of Liberal Democrats. As a former life-long supporter of Labour until Blair got at it,  I can only rejoice that the likes of Milliband, and particularly Balls, were kept out, despite the many failures of the present Government.

But what really sickens me is hearing politicians of all persuasions and nationalities bleating about the failure of the Euro, about the starving children and adults in Africa, about the horrendous excesses of the Assad regime in Syria and other Governments which have massacred sections of their populations, etc, etc, and almost never doing anything effective about it – unless of course oil is involved.

What has the VW camper got to do with it? Not a lot but given the above it does seem a lot more important than politics. So, in the future I might just be having a gripe about anything (like the crap service being delivered by some private sub-contractors to public sector services – possibly my next post) but I might, from time to time, be commenting on how sorting out my 1972 Bay camper – my daily ride – is going, what a camp site I’ve parked up on is like (aiming for Cornwall in August), and even about Romania (having spent over a decade in that country I understand very well why Prince Charles is making his second home(s) there!).