Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

Neither Sophocles nor Virgil tells us to take care even when they are not! Though Virgil does hint at it:

I fear the Greeks even when they bring gifts” (my underline).

So now the Greeks are going to the polls and we are all fearful of the effect of the outcome on our lives. But why?

Why the hell should the misbehaviour of what is, after all, a fairly small, fairly insignificant country in the bigger scheme of things have such consequences?

Well, we’re told it’s the ‘markets’. What does that mean? It means it’s the same irresponsible gamblers – those in the money dealers, those in the banks, those in the whole corrupt worldwide financial system – those who caused the problem in the first place.

That means of course we’re back to the politicians, who fly off to Mexico or sit in video conferences to waffle non-stop, but actually do nothing to deal with the real problem.

If the Greeks are bearing gifts, what are they? A fabulous ancient history, a fascinating ancient literature, a lot of sun on a lovely blue sea, and great music for dancing. It seems they can even play football now and then. But I can’t see anything there which enables them to bring down the whole of modern Europe. But I guess a big, wooden horse looked pretty innocuous at the time.

Maybe it’s the great food! (which gives me a link to the next item).


Tournedos Rossini

Yet another picture in a restaurant review of a few grams of food exquisitely arranged on a plate, enough for a sparrow (and complete with the obligatory ‘smear’ left by said sparrow) prompted me to go back 30 or 40 years to give recent dinner guests a main course I had not prepared for several decades – Tournedos Rossini.

But before Bill Oddy and all the other animal rights campaigners have a go at me, have a look at the recipes (under the ‘Food’ menu item).