One of the great things about starting a blog, which I’ve very recently discovered, is that through people leaving comments or ‘likes’ you discover superb blogs on the things which interest you.

First of all food. Forget the ‘celebrity chefs’ in the UK; have a look at the recipes which appear regularly on this ‘amateur chef’ across the Atlantic.

Decorated eggs

I’ve just got around to typing up another article I wrote about the Romanian decorated eggs when I was a volunteer there. This was for a British audience. I’ve added it on a page under the Romanian menu heading.


I’ve never managed to crack the ‘creative writing’ thing though I’ve been a writer, professionally, for almost exactly 50 years. It ranges from writing, and even editing, technical management magazines; writing advertising copy of many different kinds; newsletters for all sorts of organisations, mainly in the voluntary sector; and the sort of stuff you’ll find on this blog.

So it was great, especially with my Romanian connections, to find Cristian Mihai’s blog, again as a result of him ‘liking’ a post of mine.

If you’re interested in creative writing, you’ll find this really interesting: