from the old locked box
photographs you left behind
my eyes become yours

Taking a break from sorting through a lot of photos found at my Mum’s (she died last year at 91), I was visiting the blogs of people who had given me a ‘like’ and came across this Haiku.

So beautiful, so appropriate.

I couldn’t resist putting it up with one of the pictures from the ‘box’.

Black and white photo of cast of play written and performed by kids for 1953 Coronation street party

Kids from Albert Avenue, Shipley, W Yorkshire, UK, dressed for the play they wrote and performed for the street party celebrating the 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Never saw this scene because I’m in it. Wonder what my Mum was thinking with this in front of her.

It’s a play we kids wrote for our Coronation street party in 1953. Sadly no sign of the script.

Thanks to fivereflections for the like which brought me to this