As I’ve commented somewhere here before, I’ve never really succeeded with ‘creative’ writing but I do believe myself to be ‘creative’. One way I express this is by cooking, leaving the recipe books (and recipe blogs) aside sometimes and cobbling something together with whatever happens to be in the fridge and the store cupboard.

I think I eat healthily (having reached well over 7 decades, never in hospital, only ‘sick’ days were a bout of Asian ‘flu and shingles, I can still walk 20 miles without a problem and there’s no power steering on my VW camper), but I deplore much of what is promoted as ‘healthy eating’ nowadays. So, eg, margarine, a dreadful chemical concoction only a molecule link or two away from plastic, never enters my home. My staples are olive oil, sunflower oil (margarine without all the chemicals and the large quantities of water) and English or Irish butter (or Welsh), with corn oil for frying fish and chips – you can make it hotter than sunflower. And I deplore the fact it’s now almost impossible to find good sirloin steak (if I could afford it!); it should look like a piece of marble, with fat everywhere – it’s essential for taste and tenderness.

Another excuse for eating pre-prepared junk from the supermarket or fast food outlet is “too busy”. I don’t believe it. Yes, some of the classic recipes take a while to do, but good food can be quick and easy.

So, I’m writing this while I throw together this evening’s meal. I reckon it’ll be take about 20 mins tops – split between now and this evening.

Plate of thrown together food

Here’s the finished dish at 6pm. You might see that at the last minute I decided to add some petit pois. My wife’s verdict – “delicious”.

What did I find in the fridge today? A dozen good-sized mushrooms, a couple of Spring onions (scallions to our USA friends), about a dozen thin slices of Spanish chorizo and half a dozen of Italian pepperoni, half a lemon over from making gin and tonics last night, and half full tubs of double cream and whipping cream over from something. I know there’s half a packet of fresh pasta in the freezer and there’s a basil plant growing on the windowsill.

So, I’ve peeled and sliced the mushrooms (couple of mins) while a dollop of olive oil and a knob of butter get really hot in the frying pan (when the butter foam subsides it’s hot enough). If it’s not hot the mushrooms will boil in their own juice rather than saute.

When the mushrooms are done (5 mins?) I squeeze over the juice of the half lemon, lower the heat and add the sliced Spring onions; cook for another 2 mins.

While that’s happening I stack the chorizo and pepperoni and cut into strips, throw this in the pan.

Cook another couple of minutes while mixing then turn it off till when you want to eat – for me about nine hours in the future.

I wrote the above while doing the cooking to this point – less than 15 mins.

At about 5.45 I’ll put a big pan of salted water on the hob to boil. At around eight minutes before six (we eat around six) when its boiling I’ll tip in the pasta.

At a few minutes to 6pm I’ll heat up the pan with mushrooms, pour in the two creams and stir till it’s hot. Taste and add salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste (all about 2 mins).

Drain the pasta, toss it in a little olive oil, divide onto the warmed pasta bowls (there are two of us), spoon on the mushroom concoction and sprinkle with shredded fresh basil leaves (and I might grate over some parmigiano reggiano, which is in the fridge). Depending on how we feel at the time, there might be a side salad.

I guarantee it’ll taste good and the longest part of the whole thing is waiting for the pasta water to boil. It doesn’t even need a sophisticated kitchen – it’d be just as easy in Lofty, my VW camper.

When it’s done, if I remember, I might take a picture and add it to this post.