This post is an apology to many of those I follow, for a lack of ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘views’, and to some of of those who follow this blog. I wondered why almost all the posts I followed seemed to have disappeared but, keen to get my new classic film photography blog (grumpytykepix) up and running, I hadn’t followed through.

Picture of my grandchildren, Alicia and Ewan

What’s the picture got to do with it? Nothing, but a blog without a picture isn’t very attractive I think so I’ve just picked up my desktop pic to brighten things up (my grandchildren – Alicia and Ewan).

What had actually disappeared were the ‘subscriptions’, so I was getting no email notifications of new postings. What I did to cause this might be of interest to others so here it is.

This blog was linked to my usual personal email address and having followed quite a few very interesting blogs with subscriptions to email notifications of new posts I found my inbox was becoming a bit overwhelmed (not helped by one guy – no names – who made over 20 posts in one day!) and was missing important personal messages.

So, I created a new email specifically for this blog and transferred everything to it. What I didn’t know is that the subscriptions were not transferred – the subscription notifications to my personal email stopped, but did not appear in the new ‘blog email’.

Today I found the time to look through the list of blogs I follow and saw that almost every email box was marked ‘Never’. I’ve just changed all the ones which are not photographic specific to ‘Instant’ and have instantly received a load of notifications. Great!

Those which are photographic specific, which I’m not already following from grumpytykepix, I’m now going to follow from that photo blog and get the notifications of new postings sent to the email address which is specific to that blog.

Hope that makes sense.

So, delighted to see all of you who I thought had ‘disappeared’ have been as active as ever – sorry to have missed out but back on track now.