I’m taking the unusual step of making a post from a comment I’ve just left on another blog, in response to a post saying that WordPress seem to be making things more difficult rather than easier with ‘new introductions’.  I may well copy this to my other blog too.


Before I do that, you may notice the ‘badge’ above at the bottom of the right-hand ‘widgets’ column. A French blogger – ben – put a ‘like’ on an old post of mine, about the summer rain in Iasi, Romania, but among the stuff on his site was an invitation to put this badge on my site, in return for which a French medical company would make a donation to provide clean water to a child for a year. That was an offer which I couldn’t refuse so there it is. Click on it to find out more; if your French is a bad as mine the ‘translate’ button does it well enough. (If the widget – the WordPress instructions are not clear – doesn’t appear clicking on the above image should work).

Back to my comment about the new WordPress introductions:

This is what I wrote – 

“I agree that, although there have been some good new introductions (like the picture mosaic), whatever has been done has made things more difficult not better. It’s similar with Google, Ebay, Yahoo – they never learn to follow the mantra: ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. It was easy in WordPress to put in media, including pictures and edit them, before. Now it’s more limiting and more confusing. With Ebay it means that I rarely use it now as a seller and I’ve abandoned Yahoo completely.
Reading between the lines it seems to me it’s about money; I have the impression WordPress are trying to force us into getting upgrades which cost money. With Google, Ebay and Yahoo it is certainly about money. For WordPress, why else are we bombarded with hints, prompts, challenges, exhortations to ‘postaday’, etc? I have enough problems finding the time to write about what I want to write about.
I’m also irritated by the frequent posts about grammar – as a former teacher of English mine’s pretty good I think but I don’t pick up on every little grammar error in posts I read or follow – I’m interested in what they want to say not whether they know what a past participle is, and I often choose to break the rules for creative reasons.
I agree with Carl too about the creativity-repressing ‘rules’ which WordPress choose to impose upon us. I hadn’t noticed the forced initial letter capitalisation but the inability to put in space is a real pain, especially when considering poetry (or in my case haiku).
I’ve been thinking about doing a post about it.
I haven’t had any problems with speed of uploading but I don’t post more than two or three times a week”.

By the way, the original post is a:  http://loiselden.com/2012/12/17/struggling-with-wordpress/ 

If WordPress made things simpler and, more especially, were much clearer in their instructions and ‘help’ pages, the mosaic I mentioned above might be more widely used and I wouldn’t be getting 5, 10 or even 20 posts a day from several photo posters, each with one picture (I have to delete most of these unread/unviewed because I don’t have the time). As far as the photo posters are concerned they could combine the multiple posts in one mosaic and then I’d see all the images, but of course even without the mosaic they could enter the pictures one after another, as many do, and then I see them all with just one ‘opening’. I don’t have an answer for the multiple daily written posts.