My French is not good and I don’t usually open reblogs, but I understood the following:

“130 millions de femmes sont excisées chaque année dans le monde”

which ‘ben‘ had reblogged from:

Solidarité Ouvrière


I knew there were many, but was shocked by the 150 million a year. If I was not aware of the extent of this, then for sure many others are unaware too. And this ‘news’ comes shortly after the growing awareness of the treatment of females in India, brought about by the recent arrests for rape and murder and the public protests resulting from this horrific act.

In the UK we are very aware that despite all the ‘hot air’ talk, many young women, and even girls, especially from the Pakistani community, are still forced into unwanted marriages and often suffer dreadful treatment, including massive physical abuse, as a consequence.

There are, of course, many other examples of these kinds of abuse.

We have a long way to go before we truly value the feminine half of humanity.

I don’t have a very large number of followers but I know that some of you do. Please spread the awareness in whatever way you can; feel free to reblog this is you wish.