There is nothing wrong with the Media Museum except that it is in Bradford. It’s a wonderful museum which I used to visit frequently. As a very keen photographer but also someone fascinated by photographic history I would visit it several times a month – it’s a pleasant 20 minute train ride from where I live – if I didn’t have to cross Bradford’s depressing city centre to get to it.

Of course it should not be closed; it should be moved. As one of the three museums of which it is said one must be closed, its low attendance figures compared to those of the other two, the Railway Museum in York and the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, have nothing to do with the museum itself; they result from where it is.


I have a solution. Move the museum to Leeds, a vibrant, bustling Yorkshire city of which West Yorkshire can be proud. We’d then see the attendance figures rocket. In fact, if I won one of the multi-tens of millions on Euromillions I’d offer to finance the move myself.

Why has Bradford been allowed to self-destruct? The politicians can answer that but I believe that it is now beyond redemption. It is not the ‘multi-cultural city’ as often claimed, it is a collection of cultural ghettos so that it has little Yorkshire left about large swathes of it and all the demographic projections show that in a very short time it will become an imitation foreign country in the middle of Britain. Parts of it are that already. What is worse is that now the immigrants who arrive with little English and few if any skills are being packed into these ghettos too. It’s a chain reaction which is now beyond control. The immigrants who have something to offer – and there are many of them – go elsewhere.

Before I’m accused of racism you should know that I’m firmly of the opinion that a big factor in what makes Leeds such a great place is the strong Afro-Caribbean community. They have had a major effect on the city but have not imposed an alien culture on it. It is still very much a Yorkshire city and they, while retaining the many valuable and exciting aspects of their culture and allowing us to share it, have become ‘Yorkshire folk’. In no way is this true of Bradford.

Wasted £30 million – a year?

Someone on the tv this evening gave as a reason that the museum should not be closed was that it brought £30 million a year into the city. If that is true it is a disgrace. What happens to that £30 million? There is no sign of it in the increasing slum that the city has become. So move the museum to a place where this substantial sum would not be wasted.

But any reasonable sales or marketing man could tell this idiot that arguing how much the museum does for Bradford will not save it, what would is what Bradford does or could do for the museum. Put fountains on the forecourt and flood it on demand? Stage a Bollywood buggered-up Carmen in the IMAX theatre instead of the real thing it the Alhambra (where I first saw the original some 65 years ago)? I don’t think so. The answer is “zilch”.

So I say again, don’t close it. Move it!