I wrote this post on my photo blog as a result of pondering whether to put a ‘like’ on a post in which I liked the content but I didn’t want to say I liked the pictures. Some interesting input from Mimi; anyone else have any ideas?


Am I alone in thinking that it is time for us to be able, with a simple click, to do more than ‘like’ a post? Do I like the words, or just the picture? Do I really like the post, or is it just that it impressed me? Do I like one picture in the post, more than one or all of them? (If presented as a gallery I think I can be selective, but galleries are still used by surprisingly few people.) Do I like the picture technically, or the subject?

Of course I can always ‘comment’ to make my reaction clear, but as the number of blogs I follow has increased I’ve less and less time to write a comment. I’d like a simpler way to do it. What is more, really great posts sometimes attract an enormous number of comments and, although many of them don’t say…

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