I’m looking for suggestions for a cake to submit in the ‘annual show’ for the village in which I live – Menston – in Wharfedale, Yorkshire. The class is ‘My favourite cake’ and, very quaint, there is one class for women and one class for men!

Cakes for village show

Cakes for a village show

There are over 80 classes in all. If you are interested in how one English village show competition is organised you can go to a new blog I’ve recently created for the village, in which I’ve listed all the classes under ‘Events’:


My favourite cake is in fact ‘Reine de Saba’, as I mentioned some time ago on this blog (it’s under ‘Food’ on the top menu) but it doesn’t look very prepossessing, especially as the centre is deliberately left un- or under-cooked, which might be seen as a ‘mistake’ if you don’t know the cake. The original recipe actually calls for it to be covered in butter icing, but in the first place I don’t like butter icing and the second I think it would completely overpower the cake.

I enjoy decorating cakes when I have the time but for this purpose I don’t think it should rely on decoration; it should just be an extraordinarily good cake!

So, if you’ve blogged about a cake you think would make a good submission to the show please leave a comment with a link to your post about it (or a suggestion even if you haven’t blogged about it).

Many thanks


Thanks Georgina. WordPress won’t let me post a reply to your comment so I’m putting it as an edit on the post: – I’ve had a meander through your archives and I’ve put ‘Beetroot cake with mascarpone and raspberries’ on my ‘possibles’ list because: I love raspberries, you say it’s not too sweet, we eat cornmeal mush (‘polenta’ – mamaliga in Romanian) quite a lot, it’s got ginger in it, and it’s a crazy idea! Lemon drizzle, which I make quite a lot, and Victoria sponge, are likely to have a lot of competition (and I don’t consider ‘baking’ to be top of my cooking skills) as staple village show cakes, so something ‘completely different’ seems like a good idea.