Fascinating to read the stats produced by the WordPress monkeys for views etc of my blogs in 2014. I had not realised just what an effect my bout of ill health had had, especially on my ‘hobby’ blog – that on classic cameras and photography and film. However, I was delighted to see that, for the most part, I had managed to maintain a reasonable presence on the blog/website I do for the village in which I live; as a service to the local community, albeit voluntary, I guess I unknowingly gave that a  lot of priority.

Here are the main points:

menstonvillagewharfedale.com  (An alternative Menston village website. Lovely place, lovely people, in Yorkshire of course)

Lofty in the Wharfe Valley38,000 views; 419 pictures published; busiest day, after I published a post about a local school concert dedicated to Nelson Mandella, had over 1,300 views. This was exceeded over a weekend when we had a classic car show in the village and had several dozen pictures from it on the blog. Almost 100% of the pictures on the blog over the year were taken specifically for and uniquely published on it.

grumpytyke.com (A view from Yorkshire, about anything)

Raluca, Alina and Ramona, l to r, with Ancuta behind. Four of the 'Bunnies', my delightful special needs class from School no.11, Suceava, in 1994. They are wearing T-shirts from a special needs school in Pensacola, Florida, with which the Bunnies did an email project (despite the headmaster's attitude which was that I was wasting my time trying to do such a thing with them. He had to eat his words, but more of that in a future post about the delights of teaching English in Romania.

3,300 views; 66 pictures published; busiest day was in November but surprisingly the post most viewed on that day was about teaching English in Romania, which had been published in February. This blog does not, of course, have a specific theme, and my impression had been that the most popular theme was food and cooking. I’m not going to change my approach: to write – on whatever takes my fancy on the day.

grumpytykepix.wordpress.com (An additional blog for my interest in film photography, ‘classic’ cameras and legacy lenses on digital)

Some of grumpytyke's film cameras

Only 2,900 views; only 6 pictures published (this astounded me and made me realise just how much I had been ‘out of it’); the busiest day was in July with 64 views but what is surprising is that, again, the post most viewed was a much earlier one, from January 2013, though which of the two themes in the post – the Contax AX camera, or ‘forbidden photography’, was the attraction, I’ve no idea. These stats will definitely prompt me to make more of an effort to post regularly on this blog, which will be helped by the recent decision not to confine themes to classic cameras and film but to broaden the approach as summed up in the final phrase of the tag line. Nevertheless, I am going to try to develop more film (and prints) – though it’s scanning, which I find a real, boring pain, which is the main problem.

As the above may be of interest in the context of the stats for their own blogs, I’ll reblog this on grumpytyke pix before, very soon, getting the tanks out and looking out the as yet undeveloped films.

By the way, many thanks to the blogger ‘Aware of the Void‘ (great photo blog) whose publication of his stats prompted me to have a look at mine.