The dish of ‘cauliflower cheese’ taken from the oven

Just out of the oven

I’ve been making cauliflower cheese for as long as I can remember, certainly more than 50 years. A basic cheese sauce: flour, butter, milk and cheese, poured over steamed caulifloweur florets, topped with grated cheese and in the oven till browned. It’s a regular dish for our ‘non-meat days’.

This evening I made something  completely different. What a revelation. Petronela is, unlike me who will eat almost anything if it is well cooked, rather pretentious with food. She pronounced it ‘excellent’ and very filling (less home-baked wholemeal bread than usual consumed). What is more, it’s even easier to make (I managed to finish some tiling in the kitchen while making it!).

I’ll not give the recipe here, just a link to where I nicked it from:

a day in the life of a Latvian mom

As usual I didn’t follow the recipe to the letter: cauliflower florets steamed not boiled/blanched; I never know what ‘cups’ are so I used 200ml/qtr pint milk; “sharp cheese” – 100g extra mature cheddar beaten into the eggs/milk, 50g of the same sprinked on top, then 50g Pecorino Romano. Oven, fan, at 180degC for 1/2 hr.

Absolutely delicious. Creamy – don’t overcook.