I went on a barge with eyup Matt

Up the Leeds navigation and back.

Two more joined, two narrowly missed out.

So we chatted, not a word jotted,

Not a jot in this shop minus work,

Though I begged sheets of virgin paper.

Write a poem around a postcode,

Write with ten syllable lines only.

But I prefer one less which is odd.

Words woefully wasted while waiting

For construction of blocks of bare flats;

Residents to live fantastic lives.

Take a journey but don’t describe it;

Feel it through each small experience.

Travel the fun bus to Chapeltown,

Begin with hello, end with thank you.

What a lot of learning, on a boat,

A narrow boat, through Leeds old and new.

“If you can get on a stage and make someone cry

It’s a poem”, said Matt.