Friday 13 July 2018

This year I’m going to attempt to keep a daily diary of our forthcoming trip to Romania, beginning with the drive to Harwich on 19th July and ending with our drive back home from Harwich on 4th September.

This is in place of the ‘travelogue’ I kept last year as a private Facebook group, because I’ve more or less stopped using, or even looking at, Facebook.

Tapping/clicking the menu heading ‘Dusty2Romania2’ will display this introduction and then a list of dates. Clicking any day will display the diary entry for that day or, if it has not yet been posted, just “Awaiting content”.

The diary will be unusual, in what way will be clear as it develops.

I’m unlikely to be able to post each day while travelling so I’ll be posting pages as and when I can. Less frequently I may make normal posts, accessed as usual from the ‘Home’ menu heading, when I can.