Haibun #13

8.30am. Rain, rain and more rain. Thor has been swinging his hammer since 5.30am and whatever is up there in those dark clouds is surely well and truly dented .

I enjoy the thunder (and here in Romania it can be particularly spectacular), just as I enjoy storm waves crashing to the shore on the Yorkshire coast. To me, it is a reminder just how insignificant we are in the greater plan and no matter what brilliant technology we devise or amazing engineering feats we accomplish, Nature can destroy them if we do not give her care. By ‘we’, of course I mean the human race, which seems bent on mass suicide.


We await the sun, which will surely come. Meanwhile, we fill our days with the chores of civilisation: arranging small improvements to our little flat here now that our student tenants have left: arranging to have new doors for the kitchen and bathroom fitted (I had them made about 16 years ago, at the same time as those for the sitting room and bedroom – all matching – which I fitted at the time); visiting solicitors to draw up documents so that either Petronela or I can negotiate to sell if we wish (at the moment, as joint owners we both have to be available in person); getting our civil marriage in the UK recognised in Romania after 18 years 😂; planning which houses in the Bucovina we would like to see when the rain stops, with the possibility of buying one?

Solicitor 16 years on

Climbing the stairs first climbed 16 years ago to, then, a young solicitor, I seeking a guide through Romanian law. Those years ago, to buy an apartment, interior smashed by drunken owner and her son, so cheap but basically sound and in a good location. Solicitor impatient with drunken proprietor: “Sign here!” she shouted, guiding the wavering hand. The apartment was ours.

Now, changed laws, changed situation, solicitor still smiling, still pleasantly helpful, testing my understanding of Romanian legal language. It’s OK. Documents prepared enabling us to sell if we wish. Beginning on another path.

few paces on foot
deluges stop far travel
sitting … dreaming …still